May 19, 2016


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

2017 (in press) Cardier, B., Goranson, H. T., Casas, N., Lundberg, P. S., Erioli, A., Takaki, R., Nagy, D., Ciavarra, R. & Sanford, L. Modeling the Peak of Emergence in Systems: Design and KatachiProgress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology: Special issue on Integral Biomathics: The Necessary Conjunction of the Western and Eastern Thought Traditions for Exploring the Nature of Mind and Life131c, 213-241.

2015 Goranson, H.T., Cardier, B., Devlin, K., Pragmatic Phenomenological Types, Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, eds. P. Simeonov, Gare, A. and Cottram, R., 420-436, Elsevier, ISSN: 0079-6107.

2013 Goranson, H.T., Cardier, B., A Two-sorted Logic for Structurally Modeling SystemsProgress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, eds. P. Simeonov, K. Matsuno, R. Root-Bernstein, Elsevier, 141-178, ISSN: 0079-6107, p. 141- 178.

2012 Goranson, H.T., Cardier, B., Science-Based Research for Advanced Interoperability, Revolutionizing Enterprise Interoperability through Scientific Foundations, eds. Y. Charalabidis, Lampathaki, F. and Jardim-Goncalves, R., 322-335. ISBN 978-1466651425.

2011 Cardier, B., Goranson, H.T., Storymaking across Contexts: How a Fiction Writer and a Team of Computer Scientists Came to TermsKunapipi: Journal of Post-Colonial Writing and Culture, ed. A. Collett, 2, 31, 37-51, ISSN: 0106-5734.


Invited Book Chapter

Cardier, B., The Shared Story: Narrative Principles for Innovative Collaboration, ed. Lawless, W., Akey, J., Computational context: The value, theory and application of context with AI, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group.


Conference Proceedings

2017 Cardier, B., Sanford, L., Goranson, H. T., Devlin, K., Lundberg, P. S., Ciavarra, R., Casas, N., and Erioli, A. Modeling the Resituation of Memory in Neurobiology and Narrative. Proceedings from Computational Principles of Natural and Artificial Intelligence, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence: Palo, Alto, CA, p. 534-540.

2017  The Moving Lens: Coherence Across Heterogeneous contexts in narrative and biology. Proceedings from Computational Context: Why It’s Important, What It Means, and Can It Be Computed?, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence: Palo, Alto, CA, p. 295-302.

2015  The Evolution of Interpretive Contexts in StoriesSixth International Workshop on Computational Models of Narrative, eds. M. Finlayson, B. Miller, A. Lieto and R. Ronfard, Cognitive Systems Foundation, OASICS, V. 45, ISSN 2190-6807.

2014 Narrative Causal Impetus: Governance through Situation Shift in Game of Thrones, Intelligent Narrative Technologies 7, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, eds. J. Zhu, I. Horswill and N. Wardrip-Fruin. AAAI Press: Palo Alto, California, 2-8, ISBN: 978-1577356899.

2009 Seismic Semantic Federation: The View From Machu PicchuIntelligent Narrative Technologies 2: 2009 AAAI Spring Symposium,Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, eds. S. Louchart, M. Menta and D. Roberts. AAAI Press: Palo Alto, California, 12-19.

2008 Goranson, H.T., Takaki, R., Cardier, B., Kutachi as an Approach to Design a Narrative Dissymmetry MetricBulletin of the Society for the Science on Form. 23 (2), 235-236. Published in Japanese only.

2007 The Story Molecule: Narrative as InformationIntelligent Narrative Technologies: 2007 AAAI Fall Symposium, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, eds. B. Magerko, M. Riedl, AAAI Press: Palo Alto, California, 21-24.

2007 Goranson, H.T., Cardier, B., Scheherazade’s Will – Quantum Narrative Agency, Quantum Interaction, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, eds. P. Bruza, W. Lawless and C. van Rijsbergen, AAAI Press: Palo Alto, California, 63-70.

2007 Cardier, B., Goranson, H.T., A Bridge of Forms: From Embodiment to Information, (abstract), Form and Symmetry: Art and Science. University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, vol.2-4, p. 134-137. 

2004 Symmetry in Fiction: Leaping Away from the LiteralSymmetry: Art and Science, ed. D. Nagy, vol. 1-4, 30-33, ISSN: 1447-607X.

2004  Intimate to Iconic: Mapping the Structure of StoriesSymmetry: Art and Science, ed. D. Nagy, vol. 1-4, 294-297, ISSN: 1447-607X.

Accepted Papers

Li, B., Cardier, B., Wang, T., Metze, F., Annotating High-Level Structures of Short Stories and Personal Anecdotes, for the Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, Miyazaki Japan, May 7 – 12, 2018.

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