May 18, 2016

Creative and Professional Publications


Non-Fiction in Newspaper Articles and Magazines


2014  The Future of Storytelling, Cardier, B., Goranson, H.T., Stabroek News, Guyana, September 27, Features. This syndicated article was published in 5 other newspapers in English. Full text can be found here.


2013  The Curing Machine, Goranson, H.T., Cardier, B., Al Jarida, Kuwait, May 8, 10. This syndicated article was published in 17 other newspapers and in six languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Somali and Spanish.


2007 Shooting Scripts, Goranson, H.T., Cardier, B., Taipei Times, Taiwan, May 13, 9.This article was also published in The Reporter, Ethiopia, May 12, Opinion.


2005 A Symmetric Tourist in Tihany, Mathematical Intelligencer, Springer, 41-43, ISSN: 0343-6993.


 Fiction in Books


1996     Sleepwalker, Versions: Ways of Knowing (limited edition 100 handmade copies), Wollongong: Womangong Press, pp. 18-33.


1994     Station, Not Patting the Dog: An Anthology of Illawarra Womem’s Writing, ed. Baker, R., Wollongong: Womangong Press, pp. 56-63, ISBN 0646182102.



Fiction in Peer-Reviewed Literary Journals and Magazines


2009     Seerstory, Traffic: Fact or Fiction, ed. Smith, M., 11, pp. 147-159, ISSN 1447-2538.


2005     Accidental Kiss, Mathematical Intelligencier, Springer, p. 44, ISSN: 0343-6993.


1998     Theories of Everything, HQ magazine, May-June, pp. 117-121, ISSN 01-19940621-20044061.

1997     Tongues, scarp, ed. R. Pretty, Vol. 31, November, ISSN 0728-7372.


1993     Nimbin Rocks, scarp, ed. R. Pretty, Vol. 22 May, pp. 47-49, ISSN 0728-7372.


Editorial Non-Fiction


1995     Cardier, B., Malsberger, K., Henschell, D., The Berkeley Guide to Mexico 1996, New York: Random House, ISBN 0679029878.