May 18, 2016

Redframer images and demos


Scrubber and advanced narrative-based AI system

At Sirius-Beta, I collaborate on the development of a suite of online annotation tools for film and video narrative.

Two patents have been issued (here and here) and another is pending on this work. More information can be found at the Redframer website or by contacting me.

Example: Game of Thrones

Three different parts of the Redframer tool allow connection between scenes, video snatches and other information.

three parts 2.001

Walk-through of this online annotation tool for GOT example.

Dragon example: the kind of object recognition that would follow annotation.

Example: Memento

A user makes a comment about a significant object (a clock) in Memento.




Example: composition of frames for annotation.

Space-Time Scrubber v3

Early examples of the scrubber for different movies…



Planes Fire and Rescue

The Shawshank Redemption (small)

Mad Max Fury Road (small)


Video explaining a multioutliner experiment.