May 13, 2016

Narrative Forms



Non-Fiction in Newspapers and Magazines

2014         Cardier, B., Goranson, H.T., The Future of StorytellingStabroek News, Guyana, September 27, Features.

This syndicated article was published in 5 other newspapers in English.

2013         Goranson, H.T., Cardier, B., The Curing MachineAl Jarida, Kuwait, May 8, 10.

This syndicated article was published in 17 other newspapers and in six languages: Arabic, English, French, German, Somali and Spanish.

2007         Shooting Scripts, Goranson, H.T., Cardier, B., Taipei Times, Taiwan, May 13, 9.

This article was also published in The Reporter, Ethiopia, May 12, Opinion.

2005         A Symmetric Tourist in Tihany, The Mathematical Intelligencer, Springer, 41-43, ISSN: 0343-6993.

Fiction in Books

1996         Sleepwalker, Versions: Ways of Knowing (limited edition 100 handmade copies), Wollongong: Womangong Press, pp. 18-33.

1994         Station, Not Patting the Dog: An Anthology of Illawarra Womem’s Writing, ed. Baker, R., Wollongong: Womangong Press, pp. 56-63, ISBN 0646182102.

Fiction in Peer-Reviewed Literary Journals and Magazines

2009         Seerstory, Traffic: Fact or Fiction, ed. Smith, M., 11, pp. 147-159, ISSN 1447-2538.

2005         Accidental Kiss, The Mathematical Intelligencer, Springer, p. 44, ISSN: 0343-6993.

1998         Theories of Everything, HQ magazine, May-June, pp. 117-121, ISSN 01-19940621-20044061

1997         Tongues, scarp, ed. R. Pretty, Vol. 31, November, ISSN 0728-7372.

1993         Nimbin Rocks, scarp, ed. R. Pretty, Vol. 22 May, pp. 47-49, ISSN 0728-7372.

Editorial Non-Fiction

1995         Cardier, B., Malsberger, K., Henschell, D., The Berkeley Guide to Mexico 1996, New York: Random House, ISBN 0679029878.